5 Things I’m Doing Differently with Baby Number Two

newborn parenting tips 

Hello there!

So it’s been a little quiet around here lately. Very quiet. There has been A LOT going on in our little world lately so there my blog sat simmering on the back burner.

Part of what’s going on is that we are expecting baby brother in August!

We’re all very excited especially now as his arrival is only weeks away. The pregnancy has been mostly uneventful which I’m very thankful for after our losses last year. There have been some other things going on I’ll write about soon. But I wanted to talk about five things I’m doing differently with baby number two.  Continue reading

Under Construction

work in progress

Hey there! I am in the process of a blog/website redesign and reconstruction of services.

Exciting stuff is happening! So I’ll be back soon with actual blog content.

In the meantime, please check out my Work With Me page to see how we can work together or my About page to get to know me better. See you soon!

Day One of the Rest of Your Life

how to do what you love

Have you ever heard a song and felt like it was written exclusively for you? I know I have! In fact I could come up with a playlist of songs that are the soundtrack of my life. Right! Like I have time for making playlists! It would be so fun though.

I find these songs especially present themselves when I’m going through a transition or struggling with something. And when I focus on the meaning of these songs I feel as if God is sending me a message and I really feel focused.

Let me give you an example. Continue reading

The Best Toys for Pretend Play

pretend play toys

The imagination is a powerful thing! In one day a little one can blast off to outer space, explore the depths of the ocean, win an Olympic medal and be back to tell all about it at dinner.

It’s been amazing to watch Brady’s ability to use his imagination develop. If we’re pretending to go to a certain place or talk to a certain person he’ll grab the first thing he sees and appoint that thing the role of whatever it is we’re playing.

So pretend play really can flourish pretty unassisted. And there is a feeling of ownership when children make their own props and costumes for their play. That being said, it never hurts to have a few things on hand to get the imagination going. If you only choose a few things from these main categories you’ll be good to go!  Continue reading

How To Make a DIY Jewelry Organizer

budget jewelry organizer

If you’re anything like me you have a bunch of jewelry that often gets forgotten. And it’s in a jumbled mess in a jewelry box or in a few different places. And when you want a particular piece you can’t find it. Or it lies buried in your closet and as you walk out the door you think, “Man! That one necklace would have looked great with this outfit.”

And if you are a jewelry lover like me you know the power of the accessory! There is nothing like the feeling of completion a perfectly matched accessory can bring! Okay, maybe a bit dramatic. But jewelry sure does complete an outfit!  Continue reading

Favorite Gross Motor Toys

gross motor toys

Winter took its time getting here to Wisconsin this year. But *sigh* it has finally arrived. We have snow on the ground and it’s really too cold and windy to be out for any length of time.

But I have this little guy that needs to move!  Maybe you can relate. Playing out in the snow is  a lot of fun (for Brady). But honestly sometimes unless it’s perfect snowman snow out there it really can just be too cold to get all bundled up and trudge around. Continue reading

2016 Goals

2016 goals

It’s that time of year where everyone is feeling motivated to ring in the new!

This last year was exciting and very challenging. I had the opportunity to transition to being a work at home mom. While this had always been my goal since Brady was born and I was thrilled about it I had to take some time to learn my new role. We experienced miscarriage which put my emotions on a roller coaster but helped me be even more grateful for our family.

In 2016 we have a lot to look forward to. I’ll continue working from home and my husband is hoping for new opportunities in his work for the post office. I’ll be working toward making an income with the blog and other writing opportunities to shift my income away from transcription. We have some big changes coming our way in spring and summer that I can’t reveal details about just yet but stay tuned!

I have a lot I want to accomplish. So I’m putting my goals out there to solidify and get some accountability!  Continue reading

Books About Winter

books about winter

I saw a quote the other day while scrolling facebook, “My favorite winter activity is coming back inside where it’s warm.”

Yeah. That pretty much sums it up for me.

If you have winter where you are and you’re not a winter sports person you know it’s long and not always pleasant.

BUT! Snow can be beautiful and a wonderland for kids to play in. And it’s fun to learn about the changes of the seasons.  Continue reading